Bike trailers

Does any body know of a 4 place bike trailer on rails like the standard 2 and 3 place trailers? I'm looking for something light,yet can hold 4 full-size bikes. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

I built one that's pretty cool, it hauls four bikes plus some cargo,it's light and easy to measures 5x10 plus 4 foot toung. I'll send you a picture as soon as I get a chance to.

Don't know the manufacturer, but the aluminum trailers are very light. Out here in NH, the sled trailers, 6 x 8 in aluminum with the larger deflector in front, are VERY popular.


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Thanks for the ideas guy's, but I guess what I'm really asking is does anybody know of someone or some company that is manufacturing a four rail motorcycle trailer? I need it to be light because with my camper on my truck the gas milage will kill me, I only get about 7 mpg as it is.

I have looked into enclosed, utility, and weekend warrior type trailers and would like to aviod spending more than 2k on a trailer at this time.


A 6 x 8 flatbed, in aluminum, may be your best bet. You can buy the rack your front (or rear) tire pops into. What may be best is either stagger the bikes so the bars don't bang into each other, or have the first facing front, the second facing rear, third - front, fourth - rear. I have done this for 22 years and never had a problem. The rack the tire fits into normally runs about $15 a piece. I would recommend finding a way to stabilize the second tire, either a tie down, or between two eye bolts etc. Too many times I have seen bikes falling due to only one tire being tied down.


I think the flatbed is the direction I'm heading. I found some pretty solidly built 6x10 and 6x12 trailers for around $1200. 3000lb axles,15" tires and 2' side rails with loading ramp. I can add tounge mounted security box for about $250.



Using a bike shoe to clamp down the front wheel means you can get more bikes in a narrower space. Eliminating tie downs saves 1-2 feet to the side of each outside bike. Also stagger the bikes by about a foot so handle bars don't touch. We fit 3 bikes on a 4 foot wide flat bed trailer. Recommend strapping the rear tire down so it doesn't hop off of the trailer :)

Have also seen setups with one bike mounted sideways on a long trailer.

Not sure who makes one now, but the last trailer I had had a rail that extended up most of the tongue in the center. I was a able to get one full size and one smaller bike on it with that. Point being that if you buy a trailer with a long enough tonge you may be able to add this rail extension and fit four on. Probably won't break the bank doing it either.


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