Kenda Trackmasters

Anybody try these tires? I've heard good things and they seem to be fairly cheap. And somebody told me they are DOT approved??

Don't waste your money- they are poo.


The Trackmaster rear is a pretty decent tire but the front is junk. They do last pretty well though. They are DOT approved. If you want a cheap non DOT tire, consider a MITAS tire. You can buy a pair for approx $140 CDN and they grip as good as a Michelin IMO. The wear is awesome also.

The Trackmaster rear tire is the cheapest and

most agressive DOT tire you can buy. I have one

my WR 400 and I am really pleased with it.

If you don't need a DOT tire I would look at other dirt only tires.

I have the Trackmasters on my WR strictly to get it plated. They seem to be the best on/off road tires around, especially for the price. They seem to be wearing well, only a little chunking, but not too grippy in the slimy clay and roots here in Alaska. Not sure about their road wear, because I've only put a few road miles on them. As soon as they wear out, I'm switching back to dirt only Dunlops. I doubt if any Alaska cops care at all what kind of tires you have considering some of the heap cars that drive around up here. If you don't have to have DOT tires, I'd look at just about any dirt tires instead.


just wanted to say that i have these kenda tires on my moto, only cause i needed a DOT tire. i can tell you that they absolutely suck in slick mud. we have section we call the black forest which is full of roots and rocks and thick slippery mud. ever hit both brakes and feel like you just sped up? not to mention they wash out like mad. the rear is the better of the two... front pushes like dope dealer. if you must have DOT tires then i suppose they are okay. any dirt only tire would be better and the front... i'd risk a ticket and put something else on had i some extra $$$$. on the upside they haven't chunked one bit and have only slightly rounded the corners. good luck.

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