Homemade bike lift pictures

made it awhile back. Works geat for me. I can push my bike around the garage if its in the way, and I can spin it in a full 360 degrees.


oh and thats a garbage bag in the air filter to keep dust off

how did you do it i want one



Hey, I like that! And since we just got a new welder at work... :):D

Nice job Gyro, here's a picture of mine:



very cool....i know what i'll be doing this weekend

its quite simple really.

You just make a "I" shaped part at the bottom. Weld some rollers onto it. Don't get the cheapest ones you can find but you don't need to be anything special. Now get a jack, weld that to the centre. I reinfoced it so it would have a good section to hold onto. I also had to grind all the paint off the bottom of the jack. Now weld something on the top for a lifting point. If you can use a disc brake if not make something.

The metal I used was 1" square tube (pretty sure it was). It was just scrap laying around the house. After its all done give it a light sanding and a coat of your favourite tremclad.

If your like me and you prefer a hydralic jack over a turn the thing around a million times to move an inch jack. Well just be carefull. I welded to the top of the jack where the screw thing goes into the shaft. Keep some ice or wet rags around to cool the shaft. It will mess up your project if the hydralic jack starts leaking because of burnt seals. Also after you tac weld it in place you'll want to extend it fully so that the heat has a longer way to go before it gets into the jack

I think thats about it, good luck :)

That looks good, I love the idea of being able to roll it around-I'm thinking that would make a great project...

Over on ATM, they have (or used to have) some plans you could purchase to build your own (like $20 I think), but I can't find it anymore. It's probably still there but I have trouble navigating that site and finding anything useful-too many "roadblocks". Anyway that might be something to look at-it looked nice and said made from easily found materials...

That is one of the best stands I've seen yet. That would make things ALOT easier. Good job.

That may even inspire me to learn how to weld. :)

gyro like i said be for i luv it do you have any close up pics of the welds like the weld of the plate to the jack



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