can someone explain how the shims-stack (compression) working?? what a should do if i'm will have softer or harder, up or down!!! sorry for my not good english..

Tommy :) [color:blue] [/color]

Ths shim stack is nothing more than very thin washers stacked on top of eachother. They are located in the base valve at the very bottom of your fork, the oil flows down through the vavle and shim stack. The top washers (the ones the oil hits first) have a large radius mine are 24mm. As you move down the stack they progressively get smaller and smaller the bottom shim on my bike is 13mm or 11mm. To get past this stack the oil has to bend them and flow around them. If you want your suspension to be softer you make the washers easier to flex by taking some out or changing them with different diameters. Just so you know, if you take your forks apart and revalve them you will never be done; you will think yeah that's pretty nice, but..........


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