I've found a cheaper way!

I had an issue with a throttle stop that was cut entirely to short and while it didn't cause me any problems it's potential to do so was there. So, I eliminated that. My dealership wanted fourteen dollars for on of these throttle stop screws and I refuse to pay that for a 35 cent part so instead I went down to my local hardware store and purchased a 5mm by 25mm with a .8 thread pitch with two matching nuts and put the nuts on and measured total length somewhere around .970 and put the both nuts on together and tightened them down so as not to grind off to much and once the grinding was finished I could back off the nuts and it would restore my threads. Seemed to have worked out just fine, however I have noticed that the slide in the carb is shorter lookin in the intake side than it is when you look at the the output side and I set mine so that at full throttle the bottom of the slide on the airbox side is flush with the port at wide open throttle and this allows the front slide to perhaps interfere with total velocity because it still hangs down just a touch in the port area looking in the carb from the output side. I'm going down to Waynoka this weekend we shall see what happens!

With all the hassle wouldnt it be easier to buy the originall part? I do understand where you are coming from though, alot of little parts are way over priced but I found out that it saves alot of headaches just to get the originall part.

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