no excels on 250f

Why is the 250f the only one in the line up without excel rims? What kind does it have and are they as good? Are the excels on the other yz's as good as the aftermarket excels? just curious.

The 250Fs have D.I.D. rims, the WRs also have the D.I.D. x-ring chains - D.I.D. makes very good products! If you look closely, the D.I.D. stamp should be on your rim somewhere...

My 01 Wr had DID,s but My 03 WR has excels.

The Canadian brochure says that the WR250F gets Excel rims and a bigger skid plate. I called Yamaha and they said that the brochure had a typo and that only the WR450F got the Excels and larger skid plate. I asked what else was missing that I couldn't tell from the outside like internal engine changes. As expected they said that everything else was there.

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