got mine last night!

hello to all, I bought a 03' 525 EXC last night and only have 10 minutes on the bike. Any special info I need to know about or any special break-in i need to do. Thanks for any replys.

I guess no replies is a good thing? Knowone having any problems?


You REALLY need to do a search on this forum, search for the keywords locktite and setup in that order (also look for JEB as the author, he seems to get his fingers into everything :)). There are things you must locktite (shifter bolt, kick lever bolt, the knob for the headlight ect). It's a bummer donating a brand new $100+ kick lever to the woods :D. There are also different opinions on proper engine break-in procedures, here's what I followed:

Congrats on the new ride!


I'm sure you know how to search :D, but JIC here's one of hundreds links on setup;

Remember that there are also thing's you NEVER locktite (like the tank shroud bolts). A good rule of thumb, if you can't use heat on the bolt (due to plastic or rubber in the area) you shouldn't use locktite unless you never plan on taking it apart. If you don't use heat to remove locktited bolts you run the risk of striping threads or loosening them up (which will need even more locktite to keep it tite, a vicious circle :)). I use anti-seize on almost everything and tighten the bolts to the proper torque. Get a good torque wrench thats able to read in-lbs, you will thank me later. :D

When you get the time I would still read some of the threads on locktite, ALOT of interesting reading!

By-the-way GREAT bike choice! :D

Woodie - your comment about heating bolts to loosen them applies to red locktite, not blue. Actually, I've never had trouble with larger bolts and red locktite, you can still get them off (ususally without heating them), they just never get to where they spin off easy. And you can locktite almost anything with blue locktite, even small bolts, and still get them off easily later. :)


I don't necessarily dis-agree with you :D but I do think that it's easy to depend on locktite too much, and yes, even the blue locktite isn't good on the shroud nuts. My "rule of thumb" is just that, and it keeps me from doing something stupid. Using this rule of thumb, along with checking the bolts every time for the first few rides on a new bike, I have yet to lose a part or strip a thread. So I'm happy with the way I use locktite. I did however use BLUE Three Bond in a car application (thinking that it was the same as Locktite) and striped a thread because I didn't use heat :D so now I use heat all the time. Yes it was my mistake, but rather safe than sorry.

I completely agree about the red locktite on larger threads and yet I still use heat to remove all locktited bolts, except the headlight switch (it smells too much when heat is applied :)). Here's a link to motocross action mag discussing the proper use of threadlock, I'm sure that they wrench on alot more bikes than I ever will;


The only things I actually use loctite on are the following.


shifter; kickstarter; rear subfender bolts; front brake caliper bolts


4 subframe bolts; headlight knob (probably not really needed but I lost one and I'm pissed about it :) ); rotor and sprocket bolts

Everything else just needs to be checked until the settle in and then it all seems to stay tight. Much the same as the Japanese bikes I used to own.

Everything else just needs to be checked until they settle in and then it all seems to stay tight. Much the same as Japanese bikes I have owned.

Thank you jeb. Perfectly stated and I coudn't agree more! :)

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