anyone ridden rampart lately?

Have any of you guys been to rampart [Colo.] lately? Is it rideable? Is it worth a trip there this weekend? Thanks in advance.

I really wanted to get there this weekend, but I'm gonna guess it's still not very good riding (lots of iceI would think) Maybe we can call the Ranger District or something and ask what it's like. If I find out, I'll spread the word.

I know the road is closed, so you'd end up parking near hwy 67 and riding in, but that's no biggie...

They were talking about it on the YZ or WR forum as well...

my friend called the ranger district but no one picked up the phone.

I posted this question in the wr and ktm forums, hoping to find someone who knows...

I just got a hold of the South Platte Ranger District Office and the lady said it's pretty good, some snow on north slopes or very treed areas, but rideable in general. She also said it has been very heavily used the last couple weekends and expects it to be pretty heavy this weekend too...

The road off HWY 66 (Rampart Range) is closed though...

im in on sunday!im studded up and ready.whos in?

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