Case saver clearence on chain.

So i went to the dealer they didnt have any case savers for the yz 450 however they had some really cheap that fit on yzf250's. So i bought the piece took it home and it fits the bolt mounts however the case saver didnt clear the chain enough. So i ground it down so that it clears and my question is how much clearence does the case saver have to have on the chain to be safe? Does it need to be the same as the stock flimsy one??


I have made a few of these for myself and friends. I have found that the clearance need to be slightly larger than the ones that came on the bike originally.

I would start with about 3/16th's of an inch, install and ride it to check for rubbing.

i got it down so it reasonably cleared the chain and i took it for a ride didnt seem to have any problems with it.

How could a chain really lift off the drive sprocket when the bike is under power?

How could a chain really lift off the drive sprocket when the bike is under power?

Under power it won't, but under decel at speed, it can and does. The chain has kinetic inertia, and under decel, it's drawn tight on the bottom run, and is slack on top. As it rolls off the rear sprocket, it tends to arc upward, creating a "wave" in the chain. If that wave repeats and heads upward just ahead of the front sprocket, it will loose contact with the top of the sprocket altogether unless it is guided back down by the "case saver".

Look at one with some time on it, and you'll usually see marks at 11:00 from the sprocket where the chain has hit.

Thanks that makes alot of sense! I checked my stock saver and couldnt find anymarkings on it then again i dont have crazy hours on it.

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