Motocross Videos

Gday all,

Toolboy and I were sitting here at work and discussing how that here in Australia we never see any Motocross on the TV any more. No world MX or American racing, not since the late 80's.

So we would like to ask our American Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaates out there if any one of you guys has some copies of the Motocross racing in the states and that they could possible send a tape to us.

I not sure what we could trade with, maybe some Aussie Rules Football on tape, or maybe a beautiful Aussie bronzed bit hard to package though,,,

Bonza guys


If you've got a broadband connection I'd be more than happy to tape a few, convert them and make them available for download. PM me if you're interested.

Hi ddialogue,

If it wouldn't be too much trouble, I would enjoy seeing your video's while I am at work ( serious broadband )

Thanks for going through the trouble


Just a side note, I could be wrong but our tapes here are created used the NTFS standard. I think the land down under uses PAL format. They can't be played on those.


Your catching us right at the end of the 2002 outdoor season. Supercross starts in a few months though! This is going to be a must see! Where are you in Oz? My GF is from Melbourne, just went over there in feb. and had a blast.

do you have one of those VCR's that plays PAL and NTSC?

Gday Guys,

Thanks for the replies, and sorry for the delay in reply, and yep we use pal format but can watch NTSC on some vcr's. We were looking for Motocross not Supercross but not that fussed if any of you guys could fill a tape full of racing. :)

Would be greatly appreciated.

StreetMoto, we are in Alice Springs central Aus. Melbourne is a fun place to visit, i used to live there back in the 80's.

Thanks guys

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