anyone ridden rampart lately?

Have any of you guys been to rampart [Colo.] lately? Is it rideable? Is it worth a trip there this weekend? Thanks in advance.


Haven't been there myself but I heard that there are a few icy spots. I would suggest go mid-morning to allow some melt. Should be good with all of the above average temps this week. When you get back, post how it was.

Have a great ride! :)

I wouldn't bother unless you are screwed (tires that is). We're checking out Texas Creek tomorrow (Friday) if you want to join in.

I talked to the So. PArk Ranger district and they said it was actually pretty good. A few icy spots on north slopes and heavily treed areas, but in general pretty good I was told...

I think I'll try it. The road is closed though...


If you get a chance, let us know how Texas Creek is. I'm thinking about heading there this weekend.

Hey Keener, where is Texas creek?

The best I know is to take hwy 50 west from Canon City and you'll see Texas creek eventually. I was looking on the topo atlas. Not sure whether to turn N or S off 50. we're gonna just wing it. If we can't find it, we'll search for Pueblo.

I'll post how it was.

Turn north off 50, there is parking about a mile down the road.

Thanks for the directions!

Will anyone else be there tomorrow?

If so, I'll be in a white F-350 long bed, 4 door.

Yo, Endozen. What is the Texas Creek terrain like ? I've, ridden most of the South and Central foothills: Rampart, Woodland, Captain Jack, Central City, etc, etc, etc. Is there any single track? Now that those motorized couches (ATVs) are polluting our trails it seems like you have to go somewhere like Monarch to find true single track.

Those motorized couches will be the end of our sport as we know it on public lands. Sad day :)

Like coyote pelts there should be a bounty on atv's on single track.

There is not alot of true singletrack at Texas Creek that's legal to ride. I have an old Texas Creek OHV map, and most of the trails on it were closed. There are two sections that I know of that are singletrack only, each are less than 10 miles long. I heard the BLM had plans to add more trail, not sure how far that has gone. Most of the terrain I've ridden besides the singletrack consists of new atv trails, and numerous two track including some sandy two track. It's a fun area to play around in when the rest of the mountains are still snowed in.

There's an article in today's Colo Spngs paper about the Woodland Park/Divide area. Sounds encouraging, Forest Service is hoping to open most of the area in April, but the Hackett/Longwater Gulch area took alot of damage and is iffy when that would reopen.

rode rampart saturday, gates closed so you can ride the road, still snow on the main road in spots(north facing) trails are pretty dry, some ice and snow, but pretty good. snow on the way during the week though, so next weekend is a toss - up? look out for rangers, they are checking everyones spark arrestor and reg.

Thanks for the report on Texas Creek. Almost went there Saturday. Regarding Woodland/Divide. Been there a dozen times over the years and it is all tracked out by ATVs - choose your rut. No single track. I'll bet most of it is closed due to the Hayman fire. Too bad, it was a close alternative to Rampart. Besides that and Captain Jacks, where else do you ride near the Springs ?


Thanks for the update on Rampart. I wasn't able to get out this weekend. My son raced at Wild Rat so I was busy. :D The forecast for snow this week will probably keep Rampart out of the picture for a couple of weeks. I'm glad to see the moisture. :)

There was some good, challenging singletrack in the vicinity of the Hackett Gulch area, probably closed for years now. Divide and Captain Jack are about it for trail riding near the Springs, I like Rampart for early spring and late fall riding-too many people there during the summer. I plan on spending alot more time in the Taylor Park area this summer, not quite as convenient, but awesome terrain.

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