bike problems....

:crazy: okay so yesterday i went for a ride after i changed to oil, and i rode for bout half an hour then sudde4nly it dies. so i kick starts for a few and dies so i try the hot start. no can do so i pushed it up up the hill rode done and it sounded like a jake brake on a semi for bout 25 seconds till it started again then i made it home bout 4 minutes later. now when i go to start it few seconds die. if i try to give it a little gas during those few seconds it dies. so i checked to plug its good but i dnt want to rip it apart because i dnt know wut ill get my self into. anyone know what to do???:eek:

Did the bike sit for a while since last ride?? may need to clean the carb.

i got it last friday and it rode pretty good then i changed to oil and went for a ride and it seemed to have hit the crapper idk what to do i could probably take the carb apart n check it out clean etc. but anyone else have this problem

You need to clean the main jet it is clogged check the other jets and clean the carb out this should fix it

Im not shere what you are riding but is there an oil safety switch

k ill do that tonight i ran regular through it yesterday could that be it cuz my gas was out (thought one time wouldnt hurt)

scratch the oil safety switch dident know it was premix.

its a 05 450f

Its the main jet.

k thanks a ton ill clean tonight n let yall know later

Try playing with your hotstart cable, wiggle it around. Hotstart cable will do exactly what you just stated, Will idle and as soon as u will give it gas it will die.

This happend to me on a 08 ktm 250sxf about a month ago. I also was gonna pull the carb apart tell a buddy told me to try that.

okay so heres how it came out!!! i took the carb apart cleaned the jets good drained my float bowl there was water in it... left it outside the other night and it rained. so i kicked it once it started up and gave her a little gas and she was just like brand neew!!! thanks for the input

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