powder coat hubs - is this possible?

I am going to be rebuilding my wheels with some gold anodized Excel rims. My question is it possible to powder coat the front and rear hubs? The dull silver is boring and wish to spice it up! I have seen other bikes where this has been done.

Does anyone have experience with this or done this?

I would assume that I would need to remove all bearing, seals, etc... since powdercoating involves baking the paint on. Or not? There is no way I am going to fork several hundred bucks for new Talon hubs where my existing hub is fine!

Thanks for the help!


Yes, it can be done. In fact, I have done it before. I use to shoot powder years ago. You will need to remove all the bearings and seals etc. Some people actually put small screws onto the spoke holes to keep the paint out of them. If you do not the spokes will get loose because as the paint starts to break down they will loosen up. I have known people to just ream them out after.

Powder coating works really well on the hubs, just don't try to anodise them... it does not work very well on the hubs... Powder coating is more durable anyway I think...

Also, don't waste your time trying to polish them to a mirror finish... it just is not possible...


What othe prep work should I do? I only want the inside powder coated and the outside facing (where disc or sprocket attach) to remain silver. Do I need to tape it off or should I powder coat the whole thing and tape off the bearing holes?

There is a company called American Powder Coating that I am considering using. Still haven't decided what color to use yet, leaning towards blue or bright blue (after all, it is a yamaha!!!)


Most shops will have a special high heat tape to mask it off for you, just show them what areas that need to remain bare metal. They will also need to do this in the bearing race area so the sandblasting doesnt ruin the surface. In the days I was shooting powder we used to mask with duct tape, it works but the glue leaves a mess behind. The tape they use today is really clean.

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