2002 MXC 520 vs 99 WR400 need your input!!

I currently ride a 99 WR400 and looking to buy an 02 MXC 525. Just want to get some input from owners on this bike. Will it be night and day going from my 400? Any major issues with this year make? What is a good price for this bike, considering it is in good condition?


Let’s keep the stupid questions to a minimum here :)

Cmon man get it together, the 02 models are 520s and the 03 models are 525. :)

Ok ok so its a 520.....that's it no more riding with you guys! :)

Man, that was all it took? :)

Mike, so where are "we" (me and you) going next time?

Well, I know of a D37 race coming up on the 27th of next month... :)

Well since nobody wants to answer you question? I came off of a 2000 Wr400 to a 03 525MXC. Definately faster. Feels lighter (it is), Quieter (lots)Stock silencer isn't an Ancor like the blue bike. One bad thing. You'll be so much faster you will need to get a steering stabilizer, which in turn will make you even fasssster.

I don't think it is a silly question. The WR is a good bike. Especialy if you are coming of a early or mid 90's KX 500. But the 520 e-start, trench diggin, magic pumkin is even better. :)

You might also want to consider the E/XC, it has a higher top speed and slower first gear so it's better for tight trails as well as open desert. You can easily switch tanks to get more distance out of her if that's a concern. The only place where the M/XC makes more sense to me is maybe for racing where you want a tighter shift pattern. With the torque from the 520/525 it's a BIG MAYBE! :)

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