Problems with 02 520

I was wondering if anyone knows of any problems with the 02 520's. Things like decompression bolt, cam bearings and so on. I know that I have heard that the cam bearing thing was supposed to be limited to the 01's. Are there any concerns and if so, what is required to remedy the problems?


I'm actually looking for the same information since I'm looking to buy a used 2002 EXC 520. What are the major things to look out for on this bike?

The only problem I've had is that it's to much fun :)

I have a 02 520 sx. Just getting back into it after 20+ yrs.Harder than I thought to start over! :D

I looked at the posts for months before deciding on what to get. Between the 520 and crf 450.Found nothing on the 02's 520 You'll love it, your'e friends will to. Do a search on 520.


The only problem you will have is the "breaking in your ass/the seat". The combo of slick/hard seat and the sheer hp this bike has was pretty humbling the 1st day. It will definately teach you throttle control and to hold onto the tank with your knees.

I've got a 520sx. The 1st day on the stock seat was torture. The 2nd day was better (my friends still complained when they rode it). Common break in for the seat is about 10 hours of riding time.

I bought my 02 520 E/XC new and have ridden it for over a year now. Except for having to replace my fork seals

a few times I have had ZERO problems. The bike still runs great! Hope this helps a little.

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