Need Advice!!!!

Alright people, I need you input, please!!! My work place has DR SUX50's(650's) and we are looking into getting steering stabilizers and better dual sport tires. If you could let me know what works best for you dual sporter's out there, for the tires, that would be great. Also, what stabilizer works best for you? THANKS FOR THE INPUT IN ADVANCE!!!

I'm very happy with the Scotts Stabilizer and would make the investment again. The reason I purchased was that I didn't like the handiling characteristics on the tight twisty rocky deep sand trails. The stabilizer made a huge difference for me in this type of terrain. Completely different bike. Note that I installed the clamps & Pro Tapers at the same time (from the stock configuration) so I don't know how much effect they had vs. the stabilizer.

I hate riding on the street and have the dual sport kit on only when I need to ride to the local trails from my home (I remove the DS + the baffle for the desert). I didn't notice any difference on the street.


A tire that is industry known for dual-sports is the Pirelli MT-21, it's been around since the mid 90's, used to be sold as a motorcross tire. Now because of it's harder tire compound it's great for the street and dirt. It lasts longer as far as wear goes, it's hard to find a better tire out there! You can't go wrong with the MT-21. :)

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