OT, Hot Rod #2 is born!!!

Saturday I took my oldest son (7) out riding. Sunday went riding with the big boys, crashed hard got hurt and laid up all week. Wednesday my wife asked if I was through riding for a few weeks. Answering yes, I was caught off guard by "the Bag" being thrown in my lap and her telling me to get the car, it's time. I am now the proud father of another gear bangin', throttle twistin', dirt roostin' little boy named Cannan. All I got out of her was, "Great, another dirtbike!" :)

Cool :) Congrats on the new rooster :D

SWEEEEET!!! Oh man you are so lucky. Having kids is the best thing my wife and I ever did. I don't even what to know what my life would be like with out them. Sure I could spend all my money and time riding/racing but that felling of seeing you children born is the best. They are little carbon copies of you! You get to care for them, teach them, protect them (the best you can) and love them.

Now enjoy your sleepless nights for the next 9 months.

Right on bro. :)

This site is the coolest................thanks guys


Got two of my own and can't wait to teach them to ride!!!


Congrats on the little one!

My wife thought we were "out of the woods" so to speek with 2 girls. HA! she was wrong, their 6 and 9 and both have ditched the Barbie dolls for dirt bikes! :)

Congrats mx426! :)

Time for some more blue YZ jamies!!


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