Choosing Fork Oil?

Currently riding a 98XR400 and am soon going to be buying a new ride. I've got one fork seal leaking and since I'm going to be replacing the one I figured I would do them both. While I have them open I was going to add new fork oil. How do I know which to use. I figured since I'm heavier than recom. (250 +) I should go with a thicker oil. Anyone have a recommendation. I'm just not sure which oil to get. I know I should be doing springs and the works but I don't want to dump all the money for one more summer on this bike. I will hopefully have something new next year and then I will spend the cash on suspension. Until then the oil will have to do. Please Help....

Go with max oil level, 5 wt. or 7.5 wt. oil.


I put in Mobil 1 ATF (7.5 wt) and 0.43kg Eibach springs.

This is about $100 total and makes the bike much nicer.

I'm 200, so you might need a bit stiffer.

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