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Power now, james now, and av now

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alright guys i finally got a chance to tell you guys about my experiences with these three modifications to your bike.


the powernow system was really nice. i liked that i could trust that it was made good. as far as the performance output... it was pretty cool. it wasn't worth the $100 though. if you want this mod i suggest you make your own.

hers the link www.worldpowerracing.com


k this is the first one that i tried. iliked it when i first got it. it was like getting a new toy when you were little. the performance was awesome. pretty much the same as the power now(there are a couple of subtle differences).

AV now

this was my favorite. to me it gave me the most performance gain. i could feel greater throttle response, and better idleing. it was pretty easy to make, and well worth the effort. i suggest this one out of all the three powernow units.

so in conclusion the best was the AV now, then the James now, and last was the powernow.

bye the way it took as long as heck to change these out every two rides.

what i did on the riding issue was i rode twice for 10 hours on all the systems. wrote down what i thought. then did all it all over again. i did it 3 times.

is there any questions? im sure i probly left something out that im not thinking of right now

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Thank for the info. I have been considering the AV Now mod. I think I'm going to give it a shot.

Any difference in top end performance between the three or at all?

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