My speedometer is not reading correctly.

My speedometer is reading in half increments, like say if I'm going 40mph it will read around 20mph. I noticed that when I bought my bike the speedo cable was kinda kinked, but I didn't have any trouble with it until 1600 miles later. I was thinking maybe I put the front tire on wrong were it connects with the hub and the speedo, but haven't checked it yet. I hope its not an electrical problem.

Anyone else ever had any similiar problems?


Maybe you're just slower than you thought! :):D


The only problem I've had with the speedometer is trying to believe what it shows. It's gotta be off by at least 10% :)

"My speedometer is not reading correctly" - Try phonics :)

The front wheel has to stay on the ground for the speedometer to work properly. :D

Maybe slow down, and ride it like you own it. :)

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