Longer shift levers?

I need a longer shift lever. my foot is very cramped to change. Is there an aftermarket one available for us big footed people. I once took a Moose shifter and straighted out some, giving about an extra 1/2 inch. Any suggesstions? thanks

There is a solution to your problem coming out in a few weeks. The name of the company is Hammehead Designs, Inc. Look for an ad in Cycle News or on E-bay in the coming weeks. For more info,e-mail hammerheadmx@aol.com.

Before you go and spend money try this. There is somthing called a peg mod where you cut the barrel off the peg and put it back on the top. You kinda need a picture to understand but after you do this the foot peg will be moved down and back a half inch. This is a great mod for all riders abouve 6ft. For more info do a search on the "Peg Mod" on the 426 forum. Gook luck

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