knee brace question?

I'm 1 year post-op from ACL reconstructive surgery. My DR. gave me a prescription for a knee brace. He recommended the Breg X2K or the CTi2. My question is, has anyone used the Breg and what do they think about it? I've read great things about the CTi2. Any comments would be greatly appreciated. :)


I had the exact same question. I am only 3 weeks post op from an ACL reconstruction, but have been thinking about brace options (for down the line). My doc. always uses Breg braces for his ACL patients. Anyone had riding experience with these?

Whoa there...too many ACL rippers on this site...I am two days post op ACL. Tell me it heals so fast I won't believe it, and it won't ache either.!!

I am curious what brace recommendations are out there, too. I can recommend staying on top of the bike to alleviate most of this discomfort. :)

My doctor wrote me a prescription for a CTI2 a few years ago after I trashed my left knee (stepping out of a damn delivery truck, of all things). It has performed very well and gives my weakened knee a lot of extra strength. I just wish I could get a prescription for the right knee also, but I'm not gonna go out and trash it just to get the free brace!

Hi ...I am a therapist in Colorado...I have been a Western trained Occupational Therapist for 22 some odd private practice for nearing 10 years...also have a 36 year backround in oriental movement and medical systems...I specialize in Physical Medicine,Rehab,and multitrauma/sports and auto injury...any way I wanted to give you a little of my backround before I gave you my response so you would know where Im coming from...I personally recommend the Innovative sports products...the Edge brace is good and often more than adequate...without a doubt the CTI2 is the best but requires a professional fitting so it can be custom made...I have set clients up with both styles...I dont have a lot of experience with the looks OK but the EDGE/CTI2 is well proven in the sports world...feel free to contact me to talk more...(303) email is may find that your insurance will cover the costs...if you need an off the shelf brace the Edge is the way to go...I have an account with Innovative Sports...and could help you get one...if you want the requires a fitting/measuring of the limb... Sincerely Doug

How much would a CTI2 cost me? I think my insurance company shelled out $1053.00 for the one I wear on my left knee. (That's for the fitting and everything) It gives me so much confidence and is so comfortable, that I would consider buying one for my good knee.

In general...if you are looking for a knee brace for a "good" knee...meaning a normal healthly knee that is uninjured in stable condition and without internal abnormality...also asuming that the leg/muscular strengh is also good ... a top of the line "off the shelf" brace will usually do the job and at about half the price...again I like and have set up a number of riders with the Innovative Sports Edge brace...this brace is in sm/med/lg sizes and can be customized abit as well it requires some measurement but not to extensive...cost is between 500-900 dollars depending on options and costs for any eval/fitting/measurement time required ...the CTI2 is a custom made unit with many variables involved...a Therapist/Orthotist/or trained Medical practitioner should measure and evaluate your knee...a special jig and measuring plate and calabrated devices are used to get an exact fit...a cast or mold can/may be used/needed if the knee is "odd"...also any and all aspects of the anatomy and alignment as well as stability of the knee must be known to get you a brace that will help and not hurt and/or fail to do its job...a CTI2 will/should require a DR prescription ...some insurance will pay for both custom and ready fit braces...I personally wear a pair of CTI2 when I dirt ride...on the street/track/canyons I dont use them...A final note...regarding you knees and braces...if in doubt get a good Doctor and/or therapist to tell you exactly what your knee needs...they should also be able to get you set up or refer you to someone who specializes in getting you the right brace...also you get what you pay for...a good brace is expensive a cheap brace is basically wasted money...avoid the stuff you can find at the local drug store...also, much of the stuff you see at the bike shops and for sale on line is of poor to fair quality and dont always fit as they should...the fit of the brace is of top importance...a good brace that doesnt fit is worse than no brace since it dosent do its job and can create many problems...but that is another topic...RIDE SAFE ...Sincerely Doug... P.S....please feel free to contact me since I dont know of your own personal situation Im forced by medical ethics to discuss these topics only in general terms...if you want an off the shelf brace and want me to help you get one I can help you out...for a custom brace I would have to see/eval/measure you (303)761-4626

Just wanted to give you a follow up on the knee brace selections...I spoke with a Berg company rep. and a regional distributor for Breg products who also has had experience with the Innovative Sports/CTI2 products...they say that Breg has a comparable brace for motocross/riding...the design of the Breg is different with a different fit and different load carry/distribution I mentioned earlier,I have not much experience with the Breg product...I plan on researching this more...and will be meeting with one of their sales/regional reps. in the near future...Ill let you know what I find out...For the guy whos Doctor recommended the Breg brace...I would ask him(the Doctor) if he was also familiar with the CTI2...he may recommend the Breg because he is familiar with it, or he may want you to use it because he feels it would be the best for your needs...the bottom line here is to check with the doc...Ride safe...Doug

I met with the Orthotist on Friday for a measuring/casting for the CTi2. I should have the brace on about 2 weeks. I can't wait to start riding with a piece of mind. The Breg looked like a quality brace, but I was uncomfortable not knowing how it worked for dirtbike riding. The CTi2 has been proven in the field. Thanks for the help and I'll keep you posted when I try it out.

Being able to ride with at least a piece of mind is certainly better than riding with no mind at all(which we all know can lead to close encounters of the dirt kind)...all kidding aside...Im glad to hear about your soon to be brace...they(braces/orthotics) do take a little time to get use sure to wear it around a little bit at a time and slowly build up your(and your skins) tolerance to it...same with riding...get use it it before you ride/wear it all day...this allows you and the brace some time to get use to each other...and if any fitting problems show up you can correct them before problems develop...the orthotist/brace fitter should go over all this with you when you get of the brace,simple adjustments,how to best on/off the thing...and how to inspect your skin/leg for signs of incorrect fit...once you get use to it(for me my CTI2 braces felt fine almost immediately) wont notice it at all...and you can ride without the fear of having your bad leg there just waiting to hurt and/or get hurt by the simplest manover...Its important to remember however that the brace will not make you/your leg bionic and/or can still hurt your knee/leg with the brace on if you were to crash and or somehow torque the crap out of the joint...the brace basically is an external assist for weak/instable ligaments(which are internal structures/connective tissue that hold/brace the joint together from the inside)...braces also can and do work as an additional support for the knee beyond the support offered by the joint itself/alone...thats why we wear give the joint extra stability and protection from forces that threaten that that you have your brace(or soon to have)...the most important single thing to remember is to correctly position it/align it to the knee/leg when you put it on...also there is a sequence you need to follow to correctly lace/strap and adjust the device...if it is not on right it wont do the job...if it is not aligned to the jointaxis of articulation in wont give the joint support and wont allow range of motion...if it is strapped wrong...either to loose or in the wrong sequence it will slip out of correct position as you wear sure the orthotist or who ever fits/sets up the brace on you when you get it goes over this with you...just to be sure ask him/her to let you try to put it on,adjust it,walk around and take it this once or twice so youre sure how to do right...then go ride...take care and may the brace be with you...Sincerely Doug


I've picked up my CTi2 brace (with patella cup) and have been on a good ride. It is a top notch, quality product. I was a little skeptical about the comfort of the patella cup, but after riding around, it was fine.

The brace straps to my leg very easy and I have good mobility. It had no migration on my leg and fit great in my boot. My other knee feels naked with out one (To bad I can't get another prescription for that knee).

If you can get a hold of a pair, I highly recommend it.

Gook safe and have fun riding.


Lost My ACL Right Leg Sept 15 My Ortho Doc Gave Me The Breg With THe Deal AS MY Insurance Wouldn't Pay For It . I ordered Apatella Cup For IT And Am Happy With IT. It Seems TO Work Well No Complaints.

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