2007 wr450f valve adjustment

Hi, i recently tried to do a valve adjustment on my wr and found that when pulling the top of the engine case off that covers the cams ( i forgot its proper name) it hits the frame and i cant seem to manage to wiggle it out. I have taken the top engine mount brackets off, the tank and seat, the spark plug and thats about it (apart from a few hoses etc.) I was wondering if there was something else that had to come off or if theres a trick to wiggling it out. I have searched the forum and found nothing about this. Feel free to redirect me if there is a thread on it.


When removing the valve cover on the aluminum frame 450's you have to sort of angle the cover towards the front, right side of the bike while tilting it downwards as you remove it. It will come out, but it is tight, just take care not to ruin the gasket. :crazy: You may have to move where the wiring harness is sitting as well. Best I can do for you at this point. WR Dave

I have the best luck separating the valve cover and the gasket first and taking them off separately. Go back on separately too, the gasket holds it's form and position well.

The manual instructs you to do it otherwise but I disagree:busted:

That is the hardest part of working on this bike.

I don't find getting it off too bad but getting it back on's a real bitch :crazy:

Haha thanks guys i eventually got it working. It took a fair amount of rocking and force but i got there in the end. Haven't attempted to put it back on yet so not looking forward to that :S.

Thanks a lot

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