Blue to Grey PMB

These two PMB's were purchased around Christmas 2008. On the left is my son's on his 08yz250. We ride in the same terrain so soil staining is ruled out. I emailed PMB to see what they say. Comments?


huh i dont know what to tell ya did you use anything bersides water or soap to clean it?

huh i dont know what to tell ya did you use anything bersides water or soap to clean it?

Same thing my son uses. Dish soap.

The anodizing wanst applied right most likely. PMB should replace it for you though.

ya id try to see if pmb would replace it


This is just another reason I went with a black PMB endcap. Black matches any color on the bike and I can fix it with wood stove paint if the anodizing ever goes bad on mine.

However, you did the right thing by contacting PMB and they will probably help you out. Good luck.

Promoto Billet is a great company. They are located in Nampa Idaho a short distance from where I live in Meridian. Just give them a call and they will make it right. I have talked to them numerous times on the phone and they are great.

It looks like it got hot to me. There is still blue left on the bottom, heat rises?? Who knows, can anodizing burn off??

Mines the same. I figured it was either acidic or alkaline mud or heat.

I emailed PMB and they told me it was probably the soap I used to clean it but I clean my bike with strictly water and a rag.

I know, it's probably not the cleanest bike in the world :crazy:

Got busy and just got around to calling them last thursday. Those guys were great! They sent out a new blue endcap which arrived today. Got my fingers crossed that it'll stay blue.

missed the sealant step?

missed the sealant step?

What sealent step? If you mean red RTV between the base and the silencer, that was done.

So you didn't put any alex plus bright white on it to seal it? :thumbsup:

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