is stock "S" chain ok with 14/47 gearing?

just double-checking before I go riding


2002 DRZ400S

Yep, works just fine. I'm running 14/47 right now on the stock chain.

Yes, works great.



Opps cap lock was on.

what about 15/50 on stock chain? I'm guessing not....

Hey again hammerface. As you know, I run 14/48, and thats as far as the stock chain will go. My snail adjusters are on "1" with only about 5 detents left for adjustment, there's no way you'll get three more teeth into the equation with the stock chain.

I just put my stock chain over a 15/47 tooth with the stock chain for my dual sport set-up . I'm saving my gold chain for the super moto thing.

15-47 works fine so I suppose 14-47 would be fine

I was wondering if any of you knew what the mph of the certain gearings are? I would like to go to like a 14/44 on my klx 400sr, but still hope to hit 90+ mph

I have an excel spred sheet that someone made. You just plug in your tranny gear ratios (from the service manual) and your primary and secondary sproket ratio/teeth, Rev limit, and wheel size. It will determin what the max speed is and such for each gear.

Anything in Red needs to be provided. You'll see what I mean if you get it.

here is the link:

Gear Ratios

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