Please Read! Broken welds on foot peg

At practice last night I overjumped and flat landed pretty hard. I felt my right foot hit the ground...I barely kept from crashing and lucky not to have broken something.

When I looked down I saw my right foot peg dangling.

It was evident the weld on the top mount broke loose from the frame. :) I got a flashlight and looked real close and noticed at the break there was only a small amount of metal was ever holding because the rest was dingy and obvious had been cracked for some time.

Some guys standing around came over and looked my bike and to my surprise 2 of them had the exact same thing happen to their bikes :D Both said they were just like mine..on the kickstarter side. And both YZ's one a 250F and the other a 450F :D

I've never heard of anyone on a YZ426F breaking their footpeg welds, but this got me to thinking.

Q:Could the kick starter hammering the foot peg cause that sorta stress and just how many of you guys have had this happen to them?

I'm considering having it rewelded but I'd like to get some advice from someone who has already done that.

Please check your foot peg welds ASAP.

Good post and good point. Worth checking out.

Can you post some pics?

No. It was improperly welded at the factory. It is roboticaly welded, and it must not have been lined up perfectly. I would take it back to your dealer to show him. Maybe they would do something about it. Of course, if they don't, then you could have it welded correctly by a competent welder and you should never have anymore trouble. Maniac

This happened to me on my old YZ 250.

One thing I noticed was that the tabs are only welded on one side. I had them rewelded by a pro on both sides of the tab. You will have to mod the peg to clear the inside weld but it was much stronger than stock.

After washing your bike you should spray wd40 on the foot peg mounts. Water gets in there and rusts. If it starts to crack it will crack and rust, crack more and rust, crack even more and rust until it breaks off.

just my 2cents.

Kirtwell, you sure its not from that big foot of yours!!!!You know the one that keeps kicking the rest of us in the ***.I say break the other one off and get some wider ones anyway.Im glad you didn't get hurt,see you next wekend at munester Tx

I would just bring to a welding shop and have it heliarced.

Should take 5 minutes.

That side is always the one that breaks, the hammering from the kickstart fatigues the weld.

Your lucky, you could have gotten hurt.

After your good advice...I felt assured re-welding the foot peg mount back on would be OK.

I took it to a certified aircraft welder and man this guy was good..I promise to post a pic of his welds...they were flawless. Here's the pic of the broken peg the next morning......I kept the bike in the back of my truck and it rained :) So that's where some of the rust came from.


there is no need in getting it heli-arced.the best repair is to remove all rust and paint from the surrounding area to be welded.then use a mig gun with .035 wire and about 150 amps of heat...get any competant welder to do it.. it will take about 3 do. mig is the best method because the process doesn't tend to undercut the existing metal.I have welded footpegs and frames for years and this is the best method...Aircraft welders cost 65.00 per hour.

if you were in Easton I would do it for free...

good luck..


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