oil leak?

hi i`ve got a oil leak on the top of the engine on the left handside where the clutch cable connects to the engine around that area is all covered in oil every time i ride any ideas where the leak could be from? thanks :) drz400e by the way

hello any ideas?????????????? :)

I dunno but im curious as to what that could be too..

Mine hasn't been huge or anything but i saw some spotting that may be the beginnings of what you see. Of course it hasn't came back so it could be entirly different. But a solution would help me to check to see if it was even that! :)

Check the infamous counter-shaft seal.

Have you lubricated your clutch cable recently? This could possibly be the residual lubricant drainint out of the cable.

no i not lubed cable its defo a leak i`ll stripp it 2morrow :)

must be coming from the garloc seal on the clutch shaft. There is a screw that holds a retainer in place which holds the seal. FIRST get a new one than try to pry it out.Lube the shaft well and install the new one and re-connect the clutch arm to the shaft. :)

does anyone know where i can get this garloc seal for the clutch shaft online?uk sites only though please...:)thanks

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