2002 yz426F

i know nothing about bikes at all guys, but my buds in my 4 wheelin club all have dirt bikes now, and i found a guy that wants to trade me his 02 for my 85 yota, only dirt bike ive ever ridden is a kan am 250, im 5'10 230, is this 2 much bike for me, mostly wv trails i will be riding, thanks

It is alot of bike but the 4 strokes are very easy to ride. And once you get use to it you have the extra power to grow into. The power is a lot different from the 2 strokes you have ridden so that comparison is not valid. I say if you think it's a good deal go for it the 426 is a great bike.

If your moving to wv, you'll love that extra power (but very managable) for climbing all those mountains and tight trails. I'm 6'2" 240 and live in southern Ohio with similar riding conditions and have owned several other bikes (KTM 520 MXC, 02 CRF 450, CR250 and ATK 406). None compare to the versatility you get with the YZ 426's.

so this bike will still carry my fatass down the trail pretty good. all my expirience is mainly on atv's / 3 wheelers and go carts, only rode the kan am several times, skeered the bajesus out of me when i found out bikes dont do well in a foot of mud, thanks for the advice man

seems like they are very well liked around here, if i get the bike, seems like maintenance is a big key to keep these things on the trail, any advice on this, thanks

Change your air filter often. I change it after every ride. I replaced my oil filter on my 426 every couple of months. They are wire mesh and don't need to be changed out like the 450f. A clean air filter and fresh oil will keep you in business. Lube your steering head and linkage every so often as well.

Hey you punk, dont worry about maintenance, i will help you. I love tinkering with mine. Its pretty theraputic. Not like working on the jeep.

I spent 3 hours working on mine last night, and it only has about 15 hours on it. NIce and quiet in the building, no woman naggin me. Like stated about change the oil regularly, they only hold about 1.5 quarts or less, so it needs changed a lot. CHange the air & oil filters, lube the chain, keep everything greased and clean.

These things are a blast:D

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