Air Box Lid?

Maybe I'm missing something but there was no lid on my new wr450. I got the snorkel out but see no lid. Is there supposed to be one?

Hey Will. I'm tackling the air box on the WR450 today as well. I have not done this since the battery carrier seems integrated with the snorkel. Is there cutting involved ? Hope so. I get to use my new Dremel I got fo Christmas. What modifications did you do to ensure that the battery does not "flop around" when you remove the integrated snorkel ?

There is a lid but unfortunatly it holds the battery. The snorkle can be removed without cutting. However if you want the bike to breath properly it will need to be modified.

The battery has it's own seperate compartment. I just pried the snorkel out with a small flat screwdiver.

Is this not sufficient air w/o cutting the box further?

I still don't know what is being referred to as the "Lid"

The seat bottom appears to be the only "Lid" on my machine.

To see a modified airbox go to There's some other good info there too. :)

I just pried the snorkel out with a small flat screwdiver.

Just 1 question Will450.Did you pry up the sides,front,back,or front and back together.That wasn't 4 questions just 1 long one :).

First of all I never saw a "lid" when I took my seat off the air/battery box was open-exposed. There was no lid to remove. I stiil don't know if this is the way it is supposed to be.

Anyway I could see the snorkel to the rear of the battery compartment so I lifted the battery out and used a small screwdriver to pry the snorkel out. There is a small bracket in the box that catches and won't allow the snorkel out unless you pry on a little, then it comes right out.


the only thing that keeps the snorkle in is the rear battery hook, work the snorkle loose first with a vice grip clamped in one side. then flex the rear of the battery box

towards the front of the bike with a thin screwdriver while pulling up on the snorkle.

OK geo199,I will try again Mon. when I get my bike back from the dealer.After many calls to 2 dealers I finally got them to address they key issue.They will remove flywheel & lap crank,retorque & locktite and also readjust carb. to prevent backfire.I had to wait till they got TSB.I didn't have a key fail yet but also didn't want to experience it 10 miles in the woods with my 8 yr.old. :)

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