Best Fly Wheel Weights

I have a 2003 CRF 450. I am looking at adding a Trail Tech weighted fly wheel. They offer +9oz, +11oz and +13oz. I ride mostly hare scramble in south Texas. This means we ride quite a bit of woods. In addition I do ride some technical single track trails up in Colorado in the summer. For this type of riding which is the best weight to go with?

I have a 9oz weight and very happy with it. We ride alot of gas lines and tight woods.

Chopperman, I have a 9oz on mine and I also ride hairscrambles in south Texas. It works great in the woods. What series do you ride?

Go with the 9oz. it works real well combined with a 52 or 53 rear sprocket depending on how tight the woods are.

I have had the 11oz and the 9oz on my 03. The 9 is close to the same feel as stock although it prevents stalling quite well. The 11 revs slower and you can feel the difference. It hooks up better because it does not break traction as easy. In tight woods I think the 11 is better. The 13 may even be better yet. For endurance events the 11 is definately better than the 9. I ride moto and like the snap so I run the 9.

I tried to order a Trail Tech yesterday and sales guy called right back and said they have been tomporarily pulled off the market until some issues get straightened out. Initially it was the magnets that could possibly fall off in certain situations, so the company had them reworked, and according to the sales guy, some of the magnets were put on backwards (reversed polarity) and do not work. They said they would call me when they get it all figured out and can start selling them again. Has anyone else heard that?

I ride AMA district 20, 4 stroke B. I am sure we are riding the same series. By the way have you heard of anyone running the z-start auot clutch down our way? I am curious about how they are working.

Its the Texas Championship Hare Scramble series. Sorry I pushed send before I got this on the last reply.

I have used both the 9 and 11 oz, and could hardly tell the difference. It does get better traction w/ the 11oz. They both do wonders for stalling issues.

I ended up going with a Steahly 9oz in the end.

Wanted to keep the motor as stock as possible, I have ran into a problem or two w/ the TT magnets, but I'm sure they will get it figured out, Trail Tech has it together. :)

To answer your question. I would go in the middle if I were you. The 13 seems like it would be to much.

I have the 9oz on my 03, and it is barely noticeable, except in the super tight stuff, way less stalling. I called Trailtech and they are going to send me an 11oz to try, (no charge and free return shipping, way cool) to see if it is even better for single track.

I spoke with Kelly, and she told me they were out of stock on 11s right now, and that they would probably send it to me around the 17th. Maybe they pulled the old stock because of the magnet issue, but Kelly didn't mention it.

I just raced my first Hare Scramble on the CRF. The course was muddy, rocky and hilly with countless tree roots. The bike performed perfectly.

I run a 13oz Trail Tech with a Z-Start clutch. This makes the bike easy to ride w/o making so many mistakes.

I was also told that they couldnt ship mine because of some backwards magnet jive.

i have 9oz steahly flywheel wt. noticed huge difference in tracktion and bike doesnt stall as easy $99

Can someone give me the basics of "why" a flywheel weight is needed..?

Less stalling

Better traction

Easier starting

nuff said :)

okay...great...i get the idea.....can you go a bit further with this for me...?.....i am new rider to crf450, and will basically be riding with rookie novice son on his xr-100....he like trail riding but we do end up on some tight stuff occasionally, lots of clutch work with my xr-250 and putt-putt around....i know the 450 will have tons more life to it, but do you think i should go to 52 rear and 9oz weight if i want to head out to the mx trac while he rests, or should i just ride it stock for a while.....?if knowledge is power, i think i'd rather have the non-stall capabilities of having the 9oz instead of being out there kick starting like a madman....whatdaya think..?

I think if you had to work the clutch a lot on the XR, then you are gonna get to know the clutch on the CRF real quick. It all depands on how you like to ride. I recommend riding it for a while to get use to the difference before making any gig changes. First is geared on he tall side, so if your just chugging along with your kid in the woods, you will probably want to go to a 52 or 53. I put a 53 on and I like it a lot. I don't have to be on the clutch constantly while crawling around the woods, and if I want to pick it up I just grab another gear. The fly-wheel weight adds inertia to your engines rotational mass. Some poeple hate it, some love it. Once again just depends on your riding style. If you're in the woods quite a bit, you would probably like it. If your chugging along and hit a root or rock or just try turning tightly without spinning the wheel or slipping the clutch, you'll be able to tell the difference between the XR(trail-bike/bigger fly-wheel)and the CRF (SX-bike/light fly-wheel). Ride the bike for a little while before you make up your mind. I've got a 9 oz Steahly in route. I'll let you know how it works out after I ride around the woods with it for a little while.

I like the 53, but where I ride still have stalling problems at the worst times. Last week rode a CRF with a 9 oz and a z-Start. The difference is unbelievable. For motocross I doubt there's much advantage. But for enduros and HS and gnarly stuff it was a different bike. With the 9 oz still have snap and with the z-Start virtually eliminated the stall. If I wasn't getting a z-start I think I'd order an 11 oz.

Thanks BigDad...i hear you loud and clear....i will sample stock form is sorta obvious to me that with what i am doing i may/should bring along different bikes..:)..i mean he<son> is really just learning, so i end up putt-putt behind for quite a while (sounds like i'll be in first and second all day)....the narly stuff we do would definately benefot from a 52 (and from what i read about weights it sounds like everyone likes them)...anyway, its not like we spend the day there, its more Jr enduro trails that he has adapted to.....anyway, i guess in stock form i will be happier going out to mx course for a few laps....unless people change sprockets on 450 for mx too...??....<sigh>...where the heck is spring time....i just wanna/need to ride....... :D

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