Anyone posted about Preston on the 450 yet?

I thought 4th place at Daytona was pretty good, for his first time out. If he can ride that way in the outdoor series on the 450, stand by! Bubba has definately caused Preston to push for that extra performance. I'm expecting a ton of 4-stroke players for the outdoor series this year. Any thoughts?

Yeah, Preston's great. He's always under the radar though. Too much hype for Bubba I guess.

I don't see why he won't do great in the outdoors. He's currently slated to ride 125s, but they gotta be thinking of keeping him on the 450. He's just too big for a 125.

I think he got 10th the week before in Indy, but 4th is pretty impressive. I think you're probably right about Bubba's influence.

I saw that too. Great for Preston, I think he is ready to move up now. Whats the deal with the pipe tho? It must not be for SX only like we all thought. I wonder what kind of powerband and increase it has? :)030803_daytonapreston2.jpg

I think Preston is going to do very well in the 250 class. He is a big guy, in supercross, big guys don't stand a chance on a 125, yet he still won the championship, just wait till he gets on a bike that has enough power that his weight doesn't hurt him.

Because the muffler is tucked in behind the sidepanel to get the right header length they had to add to it.

Regarding the pipe, man that thing was loud. It sounded like an airboat with open exhaust every time he throttled into the triples. I like the idea of the can being tucked out of the way, but hopefully any production models down the road will not be as loud. :)

Here's a closeup pic of his pipe (from TFS):


He was actually doing better in Indi until he stalled it coming out of a corner. I think he was running 4th or 5th at that point. I agree he looks real good on the 450 and I like his attitude. Seems to be a good kid.

Preston could be a rising star on that bike. He looked good in Indy and 4th at Daytona. He's only rode it for a month or so. The future looks bright for him,no doubt.

he did well in atlanta also. in his heat he looked super fast, until he was on the track with rc and the big boys

I liked his comments in Cyclenews about the 450. He was asked "is it fast?" he said "oh yeah" he was asked "does it scare ya" He said "oh yeah" he was told, "good, its supposed to!"

I thought that was great!

Damn that head pipe has to be murder on a boot!

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