ktm450 exc

hi a m8 has just got a ktm 450 exc 03 model and everytime he goes out somethimg falls off his bike or something wears lose hes lost his kick start already!any tips u can giv or is it ktm`s are made out of chocolate :pthanks in advance

From what I heard about the KTM you must check all the bolts every ride. Make sure to check the shifter bolt.

Do some searching here on bike setup. Locktite on the shifter and kickstarter are very well known first steps to setting these up. Watch that black knob for the headlights, subfender bolts, front fender brace bolts, spokes, etc.

I don't think that you have to check all the bolts every ride. As Jeb said, do some basic setup with the proper locktite (blue or red) before your first couple of rides and you should be good to go for a while. :)

ok thanks for that :)

Use the search function at the top middle of the page. Search the word "loctite" in this forum and you will find numerous posts on what bolts to loctite and watch for as the bike is broken-in. I have owned my RFS for 2 years and the only thing that has "fallen off" is the kickstand (due to the bolt breaking). I keep seeing these stories on the net that make people think KTM riders leave a trail of bolts and parts behind them as they ride. As far as my experience with this particular model, this is an unwarranted generalization! Yes, your friend will have to do BASIC REGULAR MAINTENANCE. This includes checking bolts & spokes, cleaning, adjusting and lubricating. This routine should be kept up with EVERY dirt bike (and is especially critical during break-in) regardless of make/model. I follow the virtually same maintenance routine (only with increased oil changing frequency) on my KTM as I followed on my Honda XRs and have never been let down by either make. Anyone who has bolts coming loose or parts falling off has only himself to blame IMO. If your friend keeps up on regular maintenance as layed-out by knowledgeable owners (on this forum) and the owners manual, he will be in for many years of reliable enjoyment.

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