Need help on trailer issues

I recently purchased and built a small motorcycle trailer kit. According to the laws of Wisconsin (where I live and my vehicle is registered in) a license plate is not required for small trailers with a GVWR of no more than 3000lbs. My question is could I get a ticket if I drove into Illinois which does require plates? I am in the process of registering my trailer just so I don't have to hassle but it could be 1-3 weeks before I get the plates and the weather is getting too good to sit at home until the plates come in!! Thanks for the help.

I have been in that very same situation before. Motor vehicle licensing is enforced per the towing vehicles state of registration. The only caution I would issue is that you would not want one of your friends to pull this trailer within a state that requires a plated trailer with a vehicle of that state. You would be then setting your trailer up for impoundment. Most police officers know what the requirements of their adjoining states are and you most likely would not be hassled.

Bonzai :)

Yamakaze is correct, the law applies to the state of the licensed vehicle pulling the trailer. It's kind of like the law that some states require license plates on the front and back of your vehicle and some states only require plates in the back.


That is the exact same analogy I was using when discussing the with some of my co-workers. This is great, I may actually be able to ride this weekend, first time in 3 months!! Thanks for the replies.

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