New to Board and a new Duke II owner

Just wanted to say hello to the board, and anyone who has speed mods or cool links please feel free to e-mail me (02 Duke II) Thanks in advance.


Just bought a 89 mile 2002 Duke II I now have about 315 miles on it and am in Love!!!! Have went to 170 main KTM, hardparts air box lid, removed charcoal canister and today will remove tpc/epc(electronic carb doodads) My email is

Welcome to ThumperTalk kr8nkaos! :D Take your coat off and stay for a while... :)


Hi Fisher, Welcome aboard. I normally hang out in the DRZ forum but I am seriously considering buying a new 2002 Duke II which is leftover stock. Can you give me your impressions of the bike. Haven't been able to find much info about them.


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