Cannondale jerseys $19.00 at

Hey guys,

Just received my mailer and they are closing them out.

What a deal!

Just thought you'd like to know


I see 39.99 for the moto shirt, not 19.99


I have one of those jerseys, 100% cotton. Well made, but the colors etc fade after one washing. Also considering it is 100% cotton, the moisture wicking, rapid drying etc etc of the higher tech fabrics found on other jerseys at least for me, do not make it one of my favorite riding shirts.



I only buy 100% synthetic jerseys. Cotton gets toasted, stained, and fades. Bummer, 'cause lot's of cool jerseys are cotton. I think they make them because they are assured future sales. :)

They won't fade if you don't ever wash them. :) I'm sure an unwashed jersey will make you real popular with the ladies.

Might get you more room at the 1st turn...

I buy 100% cotton because of those cool commercials! Makes me wanna dance (and that should scare all of you).

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