Riding Alone........

I work weekends, and a couple of day during the week, so most of my time is during the week - everyone else is back at work - AS I am a single parent with 3 kids who expect me to be there at 3:30 every afternoon when they get off the school bus, I suppose I look at my responsibilities and prioritise accordingly...

I know most of the areas I ride haven't got mobile phone coverage, so basically if I can't ride out, then I just wait, and if no one knows which acre of the 20,000 acre forest I am in, then that could be a long wait... I would love to get out and ride alone, for the freedom and personal challenge, but I have other things in my life that demand me to be sensible most of the time...

I need people who don't work Mon - Fri - plenty of unemployed people around who don't work during the week, but they can't afford bikes... :):D:D

My options are to get an EPIRB, or a satellite phone, both expensive options... and if you set off the EPIRB, then all the govt. services come out to your rescue, but at a massive cost...


This is my first rule never ride alone

My second is remeber rule number one

No exceptions, for me, I broke that rule once and I about crippled myself in a bad get off. Never again.

Yamahdude, in regards to the government agencies charging you for rescues in your area???

Are you sure that is the case because here in Vegas I am friends with one of the guys in Metro Police Search and Rescue. I asked him about that one time and he said it was a myth. Lots of people of think if the helicopter comes then you are paying for it but he said that it is actually a community service paid for by tax dollars.

The Life Flight helicopter ride cost my buddy Blake $3800.

His insurance wouldn't pay for it.

Maybe that only applies to automoble accidents.

It was a really good thing we were riding as a group that day cause he went down hard. He hit a wet root, went sideways and faceplanted a tree.

After coming to he wasn't coherent and just layed there.

My wife reminds me of this almost every time I go out to ride alone.

I ride alot slower and enjoy the moment, rather than hanging it out and enjoying the rush that comes with riding on the edge.

When I first started riding I was afraid to ride with anyone else cuz I had a little 125 4stroke and everyone else had 125 or higher 2 strokes. So I was afraid to ride with the other people. So eventually one kid with a kx80 and one with a yz125 practically made me ride with them. I was so nervous before hand and riding down the road to the trails my arms were shaking severly. Then we hit the trails and I had sooo much fun. But I was still a little nervous riding with people because I was afraid they would get mad if they had to wait for me. Well then the kid with a yz125 sold his bike and bought a cr250 and the kid with a kx80 sold it and bought a yz250F now I ride with them constantly and its great. Cept when the cops decide to flick on the lights... they are both gone and im just putting the hell out of my little thumper. The weird thing is I would like never ride with them when they had the smaller bikes and now that they have huge bikes I ride with them like crazy. The great thing is now I know the trails very well so It doesn't matter if I ride with someone or not. I always prefer to ride with someone though.

I would rather ride with friends but there are a lot of times that they aren't available. I just go to a well traveled area like Captain Jacks or Rampart to mitigate the dangers. I usually find more new trails (at leaast new to me) when alone cause I don't have to worry about feeling like a idiot when the trail runs out after 200m.


A normal road ambulance costs you money - If I broke my leg here riding in the back yard, and needed an ambulance, I would be charged (however, I have ambulance cover, so that is moot) but a hlicopter would charge as well - they are supported by community organisations etc, but that just makes them available - the running costs to go and get you are your responsibility.

As a citizen, police rescues and the like are a free services, but if you are a tourist, you will be charged... if you wander off into the desert and don't take water or tell anyone where you are going and they have to go and find you, they will send you a bill - same as those aroound the world solo yacht racers - if they sink and have to get navy planes and ships out to remote areas (which we have an international obligation to do in our waters) then they will send you a bill for hundreds of thousands in some cases...

A AU$3,000 sattelite phone is fine, but if y9ou can't get a relative to come and get you on the cheap, then you still need the professionals, medical teams etc... Once you get to the hospital, that side of it is free, but getting there is the expensive part.

And then you have to recover your bike as well...

I could afford the money to be rescued, but not the incapacitation time... perhaps that tempers my riding style (sometimes) but that is MY reality...


Rode alone Saturday. Just took it easy and did some exploring. Usually just go a little slower than when I'm with other riders. No cell phone, just camera and water. Here's a couple pics.

Had been riding in the desert all year until this ride. Only 15 min from the house and makes for a quick ride. :)




Is that a customized, high tech, wooden kickstand? :)

Nice bike and nice lookin ridin area


I have always ridden alone....sniff....nobody loves me....

Easy choice. Its either that or dont ride - there are few active riders in my area and all my buddies are arm chair sports fans or have no interest in riding. I am never far from civilisation however and I have cell coverage pretty much everywhere I go. I just (try to) ride smart and try to recognize my limitations. Oh yeah I carry a comprehensive tool kit too! I think I'll throw in a first aid kit from now on though.

I race mostly mx,taken a few spills,overall pretty fast rider,only a novice though to mx,went out to practice a few miles from my house trailered the bike to a small local practice track,was riding alone for a couple of hours,then some others showed up to ride(didnt know any of them)well came to my senses,was being helped back to my truck,didnt know what happened,didnt know how I got back to my truck!took off my boots and drove home,two hours later was still having trouble breathing,off to the hospital,though for sure had cracked a rib or two,ended up having my spleen removed,as I was bleeding internally,spent a week in hosp.now sit at home for a couple of weeks,worst part is I still dont remember crashing at all,bike has no scratches on it helmet took quite a beating as did my chest protector,have to call the guy who helped me out to thank him as well as ask him how I fell.

Originally posted by Fryboy:


Is that a customized, high tech, wooden kickstand?


Sadly enough, it is. :) The post that the kickstand spring hooks on broke a couple weeks ago. Thinking about ways to fix it.


I live in Los Angeles and can only dream of the type of weekend riding your talking about. I used to race alot in the desert but have switched to motocross the last few years. When I would ride alone I would always let somebody know where I was going and when I should be back. I would also

leave A note on my windshield with my planned route for the day. Eventualy one of your buddies will step up and get his priorities strait. Keep it safe

Originally posted by John H:
Originally posted by Fryboy:


Is that a customized, high tech, wooden kickstand?


Sadly enough, it is. :) The post that the kickstand spring hooks on broke a couple weeks ago. Thinking about ways to fix it.[QB]

Maybe grind a new grove, use a small hose clamp on the end of the stud to keep the spring on, or cut the stud off, drill a hole and use a bolt and two nuts to form the stud. Nice pics, ahh I love trail riding, I will not stop untill I cant do it anymore, If I meet my end doing it,,, I can think of worse ways to go you know? Nothing makes my soul smile as much as a winding trial leading off into the woods,,, sigh,,,,,,.

Years ago up in Gorman I decided to ride alone. As luck would have it my 1 yr old bike ( 83 IT 175 ) decided to foul a plug about 10 miles from my truck. My fannie pack had come open and the spare plugs (yes multiple) had disappeared. After a 4+ mile walk in my scott plastic boots two riders came across me and luckly had a plug close enough to get me back to my truck. Jumped on the back of a strangers bike and they took me back to where I had stashed the bike in the bushes. That's my one and only time of riding alone. Granted this was pre cell phone and GPS and I was 19 yrs old and in pretty good shape but the only riding alone for me now is on the track. I'd still rather ride desert or the mtns. but better to ride the track and live another day to enjoy the desert.

When riding alone keep in mind the essentials of life. Experts say a person can only live a few days to a week without water. Some other items can also be of use:

Tire patch kit ect... but most importantly that your bike is in good condition.

PS: dont forget that your alone.

All the original posters on this thread are living in retirement homes now.

All the original posters on this thread are living in retirement homes now.


How do you even find a seven year old thread?

Interestingly enough, this thread applies to me.

I work a varied schedule. I've tried numerous times to get coworkers and friends to go riding with me, but t no avail. I ride alone at least once a week, usually doing 50-100 mile trail rides. I try to make loops, so I don't get too far, and plan according to cell coverage. I always leave a note in the window of my truck with anticipated return time and route. I let my chica know where Im going too, and call her before I take off, and check in at a prescribed time when I'm done.

Items I carry with me: Folding Allen wrenchs, Multi-Tool, Several wrenches in common sizes, plug wrench (although I don't have spare plugs), 4-way screw driver-nut driver, ZipTies, Duct tape wrapped around a pencil, Note paper (last will and testiment), Lighter, Backpacker folding shovel, first aid kit, GPS, Iphone with headset(google maps can be your friend), 100 oz water, small bottle of gatorade, ID, Visa, and cashola, protein bars and other snacks, Solar blanket and a poncho for rain. It all fits nicely in my Camelback, and I still have room.

I'm riding near Reno,Nv on Friday 9/11/09. Anyone up to join? Havent planned a route

I always leave a note in the window of my truck with anticipated return time and route.

Sadly, that probably also gives the theives a good way to know they have plenty of time to break into your truck.

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