San Diego Practice Location: progress

After our discussion of find a place to practice in San Diego, I've found out a few things:

1. supertt has posted a schedule of races at Irwindale (near LA) and Cajon Speedway.

2. I called Cajon speedway and inquired about practice sessions. The person I talked to said they didn't have any practices there, especially because they don't maintain a dirt section themselves. So I told the guy I'd be interested (any maybe others) in just a pavement section for practicing, etc.

He mentioned I could rent it out, but we'd probably need an ambulance. I mentioned I've heard of other tracks not requiring an ambulance with < 20 people, so he said he'd call his insurance company to check and would get back to me either tomorrow (Fri) or Monday.

Phew! I'll post any further info I receive from him. It's a start. If anyone else has any info on this kind of thing or just other places to ride near San Diego, please post.


Eric Welch


I'd love to hear of your progress. Kudos to you for taking the initiative. I live in San Diego and practice at the motocross track adjacent to and owned by the same guy.

Funny story about the of my coworkers' wife and here indoor soccer girlfriends called to complain about the noise and smoke from the motocross track next to their little soccer field. Next week, they were tearing down the soccer field walls and enlarging the motocross track. Just proves that there are still people that aren't worried about being so Politically sensitive. That and at 15 bucks per rider per day vs. 40 bucks per seson for the soccer players, I can see where the money was.

What MX track are you talking about? You practice on a paved section with dirt also?

There's a mx track called El Cajon Motocross track and right next to it is Cajon Speedway which is 1/8 mile paved oval for Stock cars. They have an paved path in the infield that makes a bitchin' SM track. is running several races there this year.

Now _I'm_ a little confused :) Do they let you on the paved section for $15/day anytime you want or were you just talking about the motocross area? (Probably just the dirt track, but just wanted to check).



I'm interested too. Can anyone ride there for $15 a day or just you because you know the guy?

15 per day for the MX practice. The paved track is a totally seperate thing. I really hope that the paved part becomes available for practice.

Awesome Eric! ... Atleast you have initiative, unlike me who only whines...


If its possible, How many of you could get out on Saturday 22nd, On a local So Ca go-cart track. They will open it up for us if 15 or more people show up.

Paul Brent


This Sat in three days? I think I could swing that. I don't have leathers yet, just MX pants/boots with a good street bike jacket. If there is no requirement for leathers then I can make it.

I'd love to, but I'm practicing at Phoenix on the race bike. Where would this be?


Paul, I am in for Perris. Total of 2 bikes. Thanks for finding local practice time for us newbies!!!

It's at Perris? Sweet! I thought it would be all the way down in San Diego, Perris is only half the distance for me. Actually, I'm going to Perris on Friday as well to ride at Starwest. I hope this works out, I've never got a chance to ride Supermoto other than on the street so far.

I'd be interested...hope it's not Amago.

Talked to Paul, he said we already had 10 riders and only needed 15. Looks like we are a go!! for Perris. Thanks again Paul!!! That's great paul. But Unfortunately, this is one of the many times I feel the pain of working in the motorcycle industry..working on saturdays :)

I'll be getting away for the Cajon Speedway Series and some of the Southwest series..but I can't do saturday practices on non-race weekends...bummer


Yes guys its at Perris, And Don't thank me, Thank Mike Metzger when you see him on Saturday, Because of him this is happening.

Ok Practice starts at 10am Sat 22 :):D, At Perris.

See you all out there

Paul Brent

Mike and Paul, Thanks for an amazing day!!! Best $25 bucks I ever spent!!! Amazing group of riders!! Just getting the chance to try following the pro's was incredible!! They were throwing it sideways 30 feet before I finished slowing down was amazing. Needed more room for our BRP's. Mike was a great host!! Loved having at least a couple amateurs dicing it out! See you guys for the opener in Phoenix next week!!!

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