426 Jetting Problems??

Ok, I have had my 2002 WR426F for about 3 months. I live in Reno, NV (5500'). The bike has run perfect since the day I bought it. It has no silencer and the throttle stop cut since new. All of a sudden, the bike is bogging big time at full-throttle. The plug is good and the aircleaner is clean. Why would the bike suddenly change? How can I get my bike back to normal? I don't want to spend months experimenting with jetting, I just want it to run smooth and strong again. Where do I start? :)

Sounds like you need a good carb cleaning. Your bike ran fine then all of the sudden, crap. I suspect dirt in the carb.

Might want to also make sure your vent hoses are clear & not kinked (on carb. & fuel cap) Make sure your fuel is clean and fresh (take a sample & let it settle in a glass jar) Good Luck :)

Agree w/ the others. You don't have a jetting problem, because you haven't changed the jetting yet the bike now runs differently.

So I'm confused as to why you suspect you need rejetting.

Having said that, stock WR jetting leaves a lot to be desired.

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