JET-HOT Ceramic header coating

Spoke with Chris at JET-HOT about coating a DRZ header, advantages, disadvantages,cost.


1. Significant heat escape reduction means less heat into fuel and surrounding engine(Rider!)parts.Engine runs cooler, intake charge is cooler and thus denser.

2. Heat is pulse energy moving at the speed of sound thru your header,the coating keeps heat in header which keeps the gases moving faster and scavenges cylinder better=less contamination of incoming fuel charge. (Makes more power!)Inside coating also smooths inner wall which increases flow,

Works so well, most of the time you need to rejet to take advantage of the power increase!

3. looks great and will not chip or flake off. Guaranteed for life of header. Header will not rust or discolor. You can hit this stuff with a hammer and you will dent the pipe before you will scuff the coating!


It aint free!

I sent Chris a webshot of our headers and he said for outside only=$55

Inside/Outside (the best performance option) add $10 ($65)

Turn around is 3 days

New and old headers can be done

This works great on car headers and I figured everyone is trying to get the max out of their DRZ, this might be of interest also. JET-HOT is not the only coating company, but they are one of the best. Food For thought...

see link below... Andrew

Did the header last fall. Satisfied so far. Here's before and after pics: Before Jet Hot After Coating

Didn't notice enough to say it made a difference on performance, the main reason I did it was the lifetime guarantee to recoat it if it ever pitted or got chipped. Plus it looks pretty good too.

consider chroming the pipe. It last almost as long and looks allot better. The heat changes some of the chrome to look purple/blue as well. As far as power gain, this has yet to be shown on a dyno, so dont do it because they say it will have more go.

Sounds like there really REEEAAAAAAAACHING on those claims. I doubt you'll notice anything, might look better though :)

I noticed that burned has his pipe wraped from the header back, maybe he does it for the same reason. And less cost than coating.

That is one pretty pipe!!! :)

My big gun header came with ceramic coating!

I noticed that burned has his pipe wraped from the header back, maybe he does it for the same reason. And less cost than coating.

ive never felt or seen any gains even on the dyno.the coating looks does the wrap.the coating is very durable.neither has a detectable performance gain.

i wrap my pipes for a couple reasons.first it keeps from melting my pants.second when i crash my bike tends to land on top of me.if youve ever had a hot exhaust laying on your skin while under the bike you would understand.especailly the drz which seems to idle right along while laying on top of me! :)

Just want to clear up that these post are just food for thought. If I run across an interesting idea or conversation, I'll put it out here and let you do with it what you will! Some of these things are very high tech, and seem to be reaching, but so was "Synthetic oil" and "Splitfire", and "K+N Filters",and "MSD ignition"...(you get the picture) when it was intro'd. I can't be home to ride much, so when I have time,I investigate new ideas. TT is my ride away from home!

Have fun, and lift a wheel for me! Andrew

Does that $65.00 include the entire pipe - taking out the internal baffles/ end caps or just up to the connection??? :)

Chris at JET-HOT stated that the header pipe was the only section that needed to done for performance sake. He said as the header is the hottest part, that by the time the gases get to the end of the header the pipe has started to expand anyway. The pipe would definatly benifit from the complete outside being done for looks, and corrosion. I did not ask for a price for the whole pipe, $55(out) or $65 (in/out) was for just the header... Andrew

That pipe looks pretty nice. But how does it hold up after a season of riding? I had gotten a High-FLow headder pipe for my Old Honda and the plating looked to start pitting some after only a short while. Does the mud and muck stick to it and bake on like epoxy? Or does it clean of easy? $65 sounds like a nice price..

The header still looks pretty good after some pretty hard rides. Muck still sticks to it, however it comes off with a pressure washer very easily. It has a bit of a "dirty" look to it now, but that's because I haven't gotten around to putting the Meguiars polish to it. No pitting or chips yet, and if it ever does, they coat it for free for the lifetime of the header.

I was at the auto speed shop yesterday and looked into the header tape wrap. It is a thick tape material that wraps around the header mostly for automobiles. It was $27 for 1"x50'. It was more than I wanted to spend, and it was more length than I needed, so I passed.


try this link to Summit racing for a good header wrap deal. They have what they call a short roll 2"x15ft. for $14.95... and their shipping is free. If you're not familiar with Summit Racing, they are one of the best parts sources, mostly for cars, but if you give them a part # they can get it if they deal with the company, and their prices are very hard to beat...Andrew

get the 2" wide stuff.just buy the 50 ft will use more than you think!

i wrapped the side were the pipe burns my leg since the sheild broke. i like the idea of wraping the lenght of the downpipe and just changing that out when need be. There is often problems with the pipe overheating and becomeing very brittle, but its a stocker, they are cheap second hand.

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