Riding in Forked River,N.J.

Has anyone ridden there lately(pinebarrens,sandpits,wideopen areas).I used to ride there 10 yrs ago...wondering if its still good.It was exit 63 I think off the Garden State Pkwy. and only a few min.'s after the exit you were there..just turned down a "firetrail"off that road til you get to the powerlines and you were home free.

I wouldn't ride there. I believe the ticket is $500 or $1000 and they take your bike. Just drive the extra 20 min west on rt 70 and go to NJ off road vehicle park.

I think there is also a guy who owns a bunch of land and he lets people ride on his property. I think it is by invitation only.

I'm a native of the area, and yes people still ride, although with all the building going on and the townships making new ordinances left and right, we are loosing ground FAST!!! :)

The power lines you are talking about is Georges property (Green Acres). Riding is now by invite only. George has had problems with trouble makers and certain arses in the local area.

If you are even thinking about riding in Waretown don't do it. U.S. friggin Homes has nearly built up the entire area for the wealthy grey hairs. (like we need two golf courses within the radius of 5 miles :D) Waretown has passed some serious laws for ORV's. If you ride there , you will get caught.

You also said a fire road. I think you are talking about Jones Road. You can get to the power lines from there, but keep in mind that nearly the entire surrounding area is Fish and Game.

If you are looking to ride MX, and trails, PM me. I can set you up with my local area.

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