What's the latest and greatest mod for the YZ???

Guys, I'm looking for the latest and greatest mods, tips or tricks for the YZ that originated on TT that is not widely know by others outside of our members. Thanks!

Bryan :)

The accel. pump mod and the cam swap are the two things that pop into my mind firts.

The Tim Ferry mod works real good. All ya have to do is get Tim Ferry to ride your bike and WaLa! Instant fast bike. :)

My vote (and your tired of hearing this) is for the clutch pull mods. The clutch actuator swap and the clutch lever mod. There quick, cheap and make all the difference in "arm pump" or no "arm Pump"!

BK/GB Mod and "James Now" mods. They are both cheap and work wonders on the powerband. Maniac

This may be of some use for your thread. If you have a Dr. D hot start on your bike, take it out an check to see if it is full of dirt. I had to use tread tape and silicone on mine to keep it from sucking air and dirt. Also had to remove the jamb nut on the adjustment screw to get it to close all the way. Before I removed jamb nut, it would take a couple of seconds before it would idle down.

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