Relocating bars- is throttle cable long enough??

I'm looking to relocate the bars on my soon-to-be-acquired 2003 CRF450 approx. 10mm forward and 10mm up w/a BRP top triple clamp and bar clamps. Is this safe with the stock throttle cable, or do I need to order a longer throttle cable from terrycable? Also, does the CRF have a return cable, or jst the throttle cable??? Thx.

I have the BRP set up. No worries everything fits.......unless your running Harley Ape hanger bars!! I use Honda Cr high bend. I also run the BRP optional 1.370" tall bar clamps cause I'm a tall fat guy! Yes it has a return cable also!! Welcome the the wonderfull world of the CRF450.

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