Orange County Mechanics

I live in Orange County, SoCal and was wondering who in my area is using who as far as engine work goes. I'm just curious in case I needa good mechanic in my area.



Use Orange County Honda. They race and ride what they sell. They gave us their personnal wheel sets for the "BEST in the DESERT" Series we race in Nevada. We use a 650 for those races. Those guy's are good!! Tell them #701 (two time over 40 expert champions. Defending this year again) sent you!!

I second Orange County Honda in Orange! But have also had good luck with Champion Honda in Costa Mesa.

Orange County Honda is Great. I use them for parts and service. :):D:D

we used to have a great shop here in san diego, i'll just use there initials, ECC they had great prices and service, then they built a million dollar building, started a race team and sponsers mike metzger, we say they "went hollywood" now knowone can afford there prices anymore,bummer :)

ECC is like going into a furniture store,glitter everywhere.And prices to match.

I was thinking more along the lines of "Hollywood's walk of fame". Everyone who works there thinks they're a f*ckin celebrity since they have a race team. I can proudly say that I'm part owner of that team since I got bent over backwards on my 400ex that I puchased from them!!! I saw that rig the race team races out of and thought "that's where my money went".

South Orange County - you could talk to Brian @ Performace Motorsports off the 5 near SJC.

:) I talk to Brian weekly. I've been in that shop weekly for the last four months. I don't know why but I have always had a hard time trusting the dealers for work. Maybe I'm wrong, everybody here has given OC Honda props for doing work. Like I said I just have always steared away from dealers for stuff like that and try to find a performance shop local to me. Maybe I should go and reassess my opinion on dealers service depts.



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