Piru this sunday!

Meeting up with a couple of friends at piru this sunday. Is anyone interested in going? :)


I too am going to ride Piru this Sunday... I will see you there. What are you driving?

Bummer :)

Hope it's cool out


DIDN'T YOU USE TO RIDE A KX 500 AND WEAR FOOTBALL SHOULDER PADS WHEN YOU RODE. I remember you and your lifted brown chey van from years ago. I don't see you at the races any more what happened?

I geuss you must be getting old and slow sense you decided to by a WR instead of a YZF ha ha ha.

see ya at the races RACERXX.

omni- I drive a white van bike #53 be there by 9.

MD - meeting up w/ryan,jason and friend.

Racer x - Yep thats me! I wore those when i tore up my coller bone and had to put 3 rides in to race mammoth. Now i have a white ford van,had a 99 kx500 traded it for the wr426.Haven't raced since 98 when i broke my elbow in the OTHG Gorman

national(30 expert).Now i have been just play riding,but i've been at tracks almost every weekend.IT'S CALLING ME BACK!!!!!!

[ September 07, 2002, 10:42 PM: Message edited by: BigDesto ]

Sorry I missed it. Jason said the weather was prety much perfect. Next time.

Hey Bud - Was a good day! i hooked up with jason,ryan and the their friend? Also cliff and tom.Was good to moto with everyone!, Mike

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