I'm thinking about asking my Priest to bless my bike.No joke. Anyone out there ever do this? I know people who have thier house, boat,etc. blessed by a priest but what about your bike? I dont think it will keep me from crashing but maybe it will keep the bike from finding me after the fall and inflicting serious injury to me for a change. There are no athiest in ambulances, Im sure. lenny

It couldn't hurt. I say a quick prayer to myself before every ride, and I haven't been to church since I was a kid.

ask him to bless you, not your bike.

Good point. Trust me I will. Just thought it could'nt hurt to get both of us.


Well before my old Youth Groug leader moved we both would go ride all of the time. It was also my luck that he happened to be one of the preists. Well before one race day he blessed both of us and our bikes. Not joking.

I still crashed really bad but not a thing was hurt. I didn't even get a bruise and the bike didn't suffer a thing. Not even a bent cluctch lever. Laugh all you want but it's true. Too bad he moved. We could have done the same thing with ym 250F instead of my 80's. :)

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