snorkel hole

I've completed Gordon's mods and started playing around with a screen to cover the hole left over from the snorkel removal when I decided to cut the hole about an inch longer to accomodate a tuperware container with the bottom cut out so I could use the snap on lid with the center cut out to hold a screen. Looks and functions great but have I changed the air intake enough to cause to much air into the carb. In total I ended up adding about 1 1/2 to 2 square inches to the snorkel hole openning. I've rejetted 60 & 160 and ride well below any elevation concerns. Might sound like a stupid question but I thought I'd throw it out anyway.


I removed the snorkel on both my xr200 and xr250. I did not have to change any jetting. A Honda technician said that the XR's are jetted rich anyway. After opening up the airbox, I checked the spark plug on both bikes repeatedly under different conditions, and they both looked good. The 200 was still a little rich, but not bad. The 250 is perfect now. You might have to change the pilot jet in the colder weather but it is best to do a plug check.

Check out my post about the snorkel cover that I posted today. I am not aware of Gordon's mods but have seen reference to it several times. Where do I find these modifications? I would really like to read it. I am new to four strokes and am eager to learn all of the "tips"!

Take it easy and enjoy your ride.

The carb is only going to ask for only so much air, and it isn't forced into the engine. The snorkle is the restricting part on the suction side, just as the infamous welds in the headers are restricting on the exhaling side. The fact that you enlarged the hole, will only allow more of a chance for dirt to be sucked in with the air when needed, so keep that filter clean, and oiled good.

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