Phantom Hare Scrambles Survival Strategy

Phantom Hare Scrambles

Any tips on surviving my first Hare Scrambles?

I'm thinking of riding wide into the first turn and avoiding any pileup. I worked a Hare Scambles and the C class was a destruction derby into the first turn.

Is it best to ride fast at first, then settle into a pace once the pack thins? I'm sure I'll be slowing long before 90 minutes are up.

All bets are off if I have to work or it rains too much this weekend.

FYI: I rode the Wild Boar Enduro last weekend.

I have a whole new respect for Enduro riders!!!

The event was tough!

I crashed my way out of contention before the first check.

20 minutes exctacting my bike out of a valley and 10 minutes helping another rider ruined my chances, but I had a good time.

Practise your starts!!!! Are your starts dead engine? If your scrambles are anything like our Canadian tight woods courses, its hard to pass guys in wooded single track.

Where else are you going to get a better chance to pass a bunch of riders, than at the start. The more guys behind ya after the first few turns the better.

Sounds like a blast, but the end result is you had a good time and helped someone. Next time have a bad time, and don't help anyone! :)

I'm looking into a few Grand Prix's as a Vet Beginner at Glen Helen, in San Bernadino this summer. I am really trying to get ready for the Lake Elsinore(Smell-Some-More) G.P.(On Any Sunday) in November, if you couldn't tell by my postings. I always see people come on strong, then fade quickly, only to get passed by the smooth, but slower riders. I got that itch to run a GP as well, but don't want to Motocross. I'm not a big jumper, and freestyle is not what I bought my XR for. Stamina, bike maintainence, and long riding work-outs are a must with proper diet and training. You really need a hot "pit chick" if you want to win, and I don't mean Kieth in a mini-skirt either...yuk!. I see all of the front runners with one in their pits, and know that having one is part of the way to get to the front of the pack! :D

Why I helped out another rider:

a) I was 20 minutes late to the first check, I figured I blew the enduro.

:D I was exhausted from trying to get my XR400 out of foot deep silt on a steep hillside, kicking starting left footed twice.

c) The other rider was seriously stuck.

d) The other rider was a pretty woman. :)

e) I'm a nice guy.

f) Did I really need go go beyond d?

It made the rest of the enduro relaxing... no worry about burning a check early.

I started cramping up at the 20 mile mark. So much for the couch potato exercise program. :D

Later I helped another rider get his KTM unstuck, which was dropped bars down off a single track. That took three of us... there was no way to ride around him.

At a creek crossing, I rolled back and was trapped under my XR400.

One rider picked up my XR and another helped me get it up the bank.

Yes, that little creek crossing had lots of bodies lying around it.

Everyone was very friendly. Checking on downed riders, helping out when needed.

If you didn't get a number from her, then was it worth it? What happened to that? I know, you saw her, she was drop-dead gorgeous, and you got nervous and threw-up, like one of the kids on South Park! :) You learned your lesson, but the most important thing to do is enter it again! You are one up on me, and I'll end up the same way, I presume. We'll see.

Nope, I didn't play show and tell with breakfast. :D

I ran into her at the scoreboard later and got a big hug.

Her boyfriend(husband?) was not as amused. :)

They were both nice and we talked a bit.

Oh, she was about 5-6" and riding a KTM400!

I gained karma points that I cashed in at the creek.

I'm looking forward to the next enduro.


I'll suggest that you adjust your start so that you are in the back of the pack. Also position yourself to the exteme outside or inside. That way if there is a pileup you have an escape route. Then ride at a pace that you are just pushing your abilities by a few percent. It's a 90 minute race. Going flat out at the start and you may be rewarded with arm pump or just plain ol' exhaustion.

Good luck and have fun.

You dont know hot pit chicks till you've seen me in a mini skirt and a thong. Corey, I'd put your cell mate to shame! The only bummer are those little rocks in my high heels are murder! Maybe Lisa will take me shopping for one of those hottie outfits her and Rebecca have? I can see the headlines now......"Corey stuns field at Elsinore, Hot Pit Chick to blame". yeeee-hawwwwwww :)

You dont know hot pit chicks till you've seen me in a mini skirt and a thong

I REALLY hope the skirt hides the thong. :)

Please wear something to hide your hairy chest.

Actually, I can drive over the bridge to S.F and see the same thing, but with tastefully matching shoes. :D

This whole visiualization is making me ill.

I might have to buy the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue to clear out my head.


I think we've touched on a subject that Kieth isn't ready to "bring out of the closet" yet, but he's getting awful close. Keep it in there Kieth, and DON'T bring it with you in April. As for the picture it paints for us all, I agree with you Kevin, a National Geographic would be need as well, just to clear that one up. Lets change the subject before he decides to come out! :)

Rebecca & I will pit for you Corey. What could be better than two chicks who know how to talk the talk and walk the walk - when it comes to bikes!

Two chicks are better than one Kieth anyday! That picture was gone from my memory, and now you brought it back. Thanks! See you tommorrow. I'll be there early! I don't think there is cell service out there, but there is GPS! No, I don't have one, I prefer to do breadcrumbs like that of Hansel and Grettel. Where's everyone going to park?

You might try using Motorola FRS radios.

For our group, we decided on a specific channel and offset(?).

Then agree on times to look for each other... or one scary mini skirt.

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