Scott's Fender mount kit

I believe that Scott's Fender mount kit for there stabilizer has been available for the CRF for over a year now. I was thinking about getting one for my YZF, but wanted to get some insight from anyone that has tried it or a WER.

Things I am worried about are:

1. Extra damage it might recieve from being on the fender

2. Getting roosted all the time (dirt sitting on it)

3. Function (Does it work as good as on the bars?)

BTW: The reason I'm looking at putting it on the fender is to run the RG3 triple clamp that has clearence issues with the scott's dampener.

Thanks in advance,

I had it for a couple months on my '02 CRF. It did not get damaged, as its tucked really close. It is as effective if not more. I really did not need a damper as I race MX only so I sold it.

I think the Scott's low mount works better. It's a very solid mount and there's no flex in the post like the regular mount has.

I'd put one on my WR, but don't want to give up the headlight. I usually don't adjust mine on the fly anyways. Just set it where I like it and ride. :)


Are the RG3's worth the money? I've heard the drastically reduce rider fatique, is that all hype, or do they really work.

By your sig, sounds like a really sweet bike.

I've only had it for a few months but IMO none of the things you've listed are legitimate concerns.

The only relevant reason I can think of not to run the low-mount is you don't wan't to trouble yourself w/ drilling the holes in your frame to mount it (and/or don't want to spend the extra seventy bucks or so).

It works fine down there, roost isn't going to hurt it, and any crash damage will probably bend the mounting hardware well before the damper sustains any damage. IMO it is just as solid as the traditional setup.

Hope this helps.

I vote that it is more solid. And it isnt sitting on top of the bars to damage your face when you come up short.

I don't think RG3's drastically help with fatigue. However, the Faasstco bars do help a great deal with arm pump. The Rg3's are just the strongest and trickest.

Yea, I have the Fasst Co's in my KX250 and it really settle the vibes down. I plan on putting those in a pair of Pro Taper KX HI's. The KX hi is 108mm height vs. 95 on the CR HI. The KX is swept back 56 instead of 62 as well. Should be better for my 6'3" frame.

I also run the Spider grips, those really help with vibration too. I like the feel as well. I'm trying to setup the YZ like the KX so I can switch back and forth.

Funny thing is the KX seems quit a bit longer. Sits way farther back on the tail gate. Maybe that's why its so stable and can just blew threw stuff instead of over it.

Thanks for all the info,


Is your KX a '03 KX250?

im supprised you sold it,i race mx only and will not ride without has saved me from many a crash,woops,braking bumps.if any of you buy one scotts is the way to go.

hey antman glad to here im not the only one that laid out big bucks for bars,i am going out for my first ride in four months and have fassco bars i hope i like them as much as others do.its been cold and the tracks that i ride have been closed,going to be around 50 woooo weeeee heat wave,lol.later.

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