2005 WR 450F bad CDI ?

Has BD kit and grey wire mod, ran fine then no spark. Everything points to cdi and dealers tell me they never go. Any ideas or know of aftermarket cdi as OEM is very expensive. Hate to replace if that isn't the problem. thanks.

Did you...

Test the source coil at the stator?

Test the crank postion sensor?

Check the kill switch?

Check the power switch?

Check all wires?

Check the coil?

Once that is done, borrow another CDI and try it. If it works now, then, yeah, it is the CDI.

Your dealer is an A'hole, CDI's most definetly can fail. I had one fail on my 2002 WR 426 and after doing all the things that William1 suggested including swapping parts from a good running bike onto mine the only thing that changed the no spark situation was the CDI. I agree that the OM one is way too expensive and is it better? I ordered a Vortex X-10 and couldn't have been happier with it's performance and adjustability. Make sure you test with another CDI first as once you bought it you own it when it comes to most electronics. You could try e-bay for a used one , but you may be buying the same situation over again. FYI the CDI off of a WR250 won't work on the 450. WR Dave

As Dave stated, CDI is the last to go. 1-3% failure max. It is usually something simple (wiring harness, kill switch, etc).

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