Vavoline 10/40

When I got my Hinson clutch kit they recommended to use a standard mineral based oil with no synthetic additives and suggested Vavoline 10/40. I am going to use it when I race this weekend and hope the oil and the new Hinson set up helps me from frying my friction plates.(very muddy here) Anyone else use this oil ?

I run Castrol 10/40 in mine with no problems. If you look at the back of the oil bottle, there is a circle of info on it. On the bottom half of the circle, it will say if it is friction modified. I can't remember exactly what the wording is, but the Castrol 10/40's lower circle is blank. I.E. no friction modifiers which means good for clutch and better for your pocket-book! :)

I run valvoline 20/50 and it works great for me. The trick is to get an oil that DOESN'T have energy concerving on the "donut" on the back lable. Other wise the clutch will slip.

I'd use what you've been running. I don't know what the weather is like over there, but 10w40 isn't much protection for your motor on an hot day. I'm 240 lbs. and run full synthetic 15w50 year round with no clutch slipping problems.

I used a 10/40 Spectro non-synthetic for the first two oil changes. After that I went to 20/50 synthetic Golden Spectro. Works great for me.

I guess it's not so much the "Synthetic" part, it's the "Friction Modifiers" part that makes the clutch slip.

Wish I knew what the real difference is.

My understanding is, Synthetic oils do not break down as fast as petroleum oils, and the Friction Modifiers make the oil

"More Slippery" for better gas mileage.


Just change the oil often and buy regular motor oil 10/40 when cold and 20/50 when hot. I would not pay extra for synthetics and stay away from friction modifiers added to oil. Clutch and gearbox will like it better.

Ric J Stallone,

I have been using Valvoline Oil in all of my bikes for over nine years. I have never had any problems with slippage, or performance. I change the oil every three to four rides. My son changed the oil more frequently, he was more aggressive on the bikes than I. Keep using Valvoline - it will serve your well. :)

I've used Valvoline in everything for at lease 45 years

with no oil related problems.

ps: make sure you soak your fiber plates in oil overnight

before you put them in. Each time you start your bike cold hold the clutch in for about 1 minute.


Thank you to all of you for your advice/experiences. As ever on this forum very helpful and informative so thanks again to all. :)

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